Dora diet guinea pig food

Check that the water bottle is not plugged and is functioning properly. Avoid cabbage as it can cause bloating. Hay should be as fresh as possible. Grass Although this is not essential, guinea pigs find it really tasty, and it also provides several important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C.

Image by David Locke. Other vegetable favourites are red and green peppers, broccoli and carrots. Alfalfa for guinea pigs hay and pellets In comparison to the timothy hay, alfalfa hay is packed with calcium and protein.

Now, the first question that may arise among new owners is: How do you know if hay is high-quality? Some of them are poisonous and can lead to very sad consequences.

Not all fields are displayed due to space requirements. Serve in a heavy ceramic bowl, as these are less likely to be tipped over. Grass Hay High-quality grass hay such as timothy hay should be available at all times for your guinea pig.

Try some of these known guinea pig favorites: There are so many foods a guinea pig can eat. Why is hay so important? Using hay as their main food source is great because your guinea pigs love to play with it as well. Good quality grass hay is dry, but still a little green and smells fresh. This also makes it easier to ensure that each pig is getting the right amount, and they love the taste as well.

Not pellets, not muesli mix, not fruit, not treats…but good old grow-in-the-ground-grass as it contains the perfect balance of calcium and fiber for strong bones and healthy teeth. Many veggies come with leaves attached, which your guinea pigs will also enjoy.

Image by camera-caritatis. However, it is not recommended to use a legume hay for the adult guinea pigs. Hay delivers the fiber that that is essential for your guinea pig to be able to properly digest and proces food and nutrients.

This is especially the case as they mature and get older. Worse still, by giving them the wrong diet, they may become obese or seriously ill. Then, portions of a particular guinea pig safe food may be increased slightly with each subsequent serving.

However, sudden changes can be an early sign of illness. Hay is a grass and plants that have been cut, dried and stored to be used as a fodder. It is really easy for a guinea pig to become overweight, so try to stick away from them if you can. Also, make sure to remove the uneaten foods throughout the day.

In fact, typical human treats such as chocolate, cakes, and biscuits are toxic to a guinea pig, and can cause serious health issues. There are other important nutritional factors not represented in this chart.

For example, if your pig gets diarrhea, simply decrease their intake of plant matter while increasing their intake of hay, as it promotes a healthy digestive system. However, guinea pigs are really stubborn little eaters, and if they really do not like the food that you are introducing they will not touch it, starving themselves in the process in some extreme cases.

Guinea Pig Diet, Food & Nutrition Guide

Roughage is necessary in the diet to help keep the teeth worn down and prevent dental problems. Hay This is an essential guinea pig food, and you should give your pets a constant supply of fresh, clean, dry hay at all times. For starters, guinea pigs are vegetarian, living off plant material.

Let me explain each category in detail. What is hay? Any vegetables you give your pets will rot quickly, so any leftovers should be removed from their cage after an hour or two and thrown away.

If you notice any sudden changes or long-term trends, this may be a sign of an underlying problem, so take your pet to the vet, and be sure to take your weight diary as this will provide the vet with essential background information. Oxbow Cavy Cuisine This guinea pig food is made for adult guinea pigs — it includes a high amount of fiber which adult guinea pigs need and also has plenty of vitamin C that is essential for guinea pigs.

That is due to a high amount of calcium which can lead to the bladder stones in adults. If you are giving your pets plenty of pellets, vegetables, and grass, then they should be getting all the vitamin C they need, but if not you can give them a supplement.The guinea pig (Carmella) came with her cage, cube, remainder bag of food, and oxbow orchard Grass hay (Her favorite).

Since she’s been with me, I have tried to feed her the following fresh veggies spinach, carrots, celery, red cabbage, a small piece of tomato, she snubs ALL of them, I am concerned about her, and the diet that I should choose.

Without a constant through put of food, the guinea pig gut readily goes to sleep with potentially serious consequences if it isn’t ‘woken’ promptly.

Guinea Pig Feeding Guide – Which Foods Are Best?

But the best news is, when you feed the right foods, your guinea pig is likely to keep chomping and chewing for many years to come. · ♥AVAILABLE IN HD♥ Hey Everyone! Today's Video is of my Guinea Pigs DIET what they eat and drink!

PREVIOUS VIDEO:VLOG April | Hamster,Guinea Pigs & More:Author: HammyLux. A high-quality pellet or dry food forms the basis of a healthy guinea pig diet. Supplemented with plenty of fresh vegetables, hay, and water, your cavy will have all the nutrients it needs.

Supplemented with plenty of fresh vegetables, hay, and water, your cavy will have all the nutrients it needs. · Guinea pigs are excellent pets, but their dietary needs may be somewhat confusing.

It is especially important to understand them if you want to try to make your pet's food instead of giving it store-bought food%(1). Avoid giving your guinea pig distilled or vitamin-packed water, as these elements can be difficult for your guinea pig to break down.

Foods to Avoid: There are certain foods that are not safe for guinea pigs to .

Dora diet guinea pig food
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