Sustainable diets and biodiversity

A definition of sustainable diets shall therefore address sustainability of the whole food supply chain and thus provide guidance on promoting and applying the concept in different agro-ecological zones. Svihus, Prins, A. To eat the same everywhere? If would be better for UK public health and environment if its citizens ate less much overall too many people are overweight and obeseless meat and dairy the burden of non-communicable diseases is high and costly ; more fruit and vegetables which are protective for health.

However, through communication efforts involving the Minis- ter of Health, the chefs of the most famous restaurants of Nairobi who prepared new recipes with this leafy vegetable and by introducing it in the canteen of parliament, this food has been re-evaluated and people are taking pride again in producing, purchasing and consuming these vegetables.

On the Masters Programme in Food Policy at my University, we frequently give our students an exercise: Or to eat according to our income and social status? As we know over the last thirty years, too often sustainable development has traded off environmental protection for economic development.

Globalization, industrial agriculture, rural poverty, population pressures and urbanization have changed food production and consumption in ways that profoundly affect ecosystems and human diets, leading to an overall simplification of diets.

The importance of food-based approaches is fully recognized by FAO. To make matters even more complicated, the challenge of defining sustainable diet is not just a matter of blending two scientific discourses — public health and environment.

Rayner, Overcoming Policy Cacophany on Obesity: Godalming Surrey. Here is my attempt for the topic we are tussling over.

This Symposium is the right forum for us to do just that. The alarming pace of food biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and their impact on poverty and health makes a compelling case for re-examining food-agricultural systems and diets.

At a national level as well as the international level ministries of agriculture, health, education and of course, ministries of finance must come together to set up and develop policies to address these problems in a sustainable way. Ideal it may be, but the definition of a sustainable diet inevitably shows that all six headings of the new approach need to be addressed: While there is a welcome decline from the level, the number of hungry people remains unacceptably high.

Highinput industrial agriculture and long-distance transport increase the availability and affordability of refined carbohydrates and fats, leading to an overall simplification of diets and reliance on a limited number of energy-rich foods.

But in food policy, this is not helpful. WHO, Global strategy on diet, physical activity and health. We are aware of the alarming and unacceptable levels of hunger, but the 2 billion people that suffer from malnutrition still do not receive sufficient attention.

And what about fish? We cannot eat like modern Europeans or North Americans. However, a definition is needed to develop policy, research and programme activities for the promotion of sustainable food systems that minimize environmental degradation and biodiversity losses.

We looked into the key achievements as well as the major gaps and needs that require urgent attention. I am a social scientist who is concerned about how policy both shapes and responds to the food system.

Brundtland, G. It is up to all of us to take this momentum that is being built up and move it into action.

December 2, Perhaps, but I think not entirely. Analysis of the life cycle environmental impacts related to the final consumption of the EU FAO, Voluntary Guidelines to support the progressive realization of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security.sustainable diets and biodiversity directions and solutions for policy, research and action sustainable diets and biodiversity directions and solutions for policy, research and action.

The book “Sustainable diets and biodiversity” was published in August by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Bioversity International. 1 SUSTAINABLE DIETS AND BIODIVERSITY DIRECTIONS AND SOLUTIONS FOR POLICY, RESEARCH AND ACTION Proceedings of the International Scientific Symposium.

ABSTRACT This book presents the current state of thought on the common path of sustainable diets and biodiversity and addresses the linkages among agriculture, health, the.

Sustainable diets and biodiversity

This book presents the current state of thought on the common path of sustainable diets and biodiversity. It consists of 4 chapters which look at sustainable diets and biodiversity through sustainable food production and consumption which is illustrated with ten cases studies.

Sustainable diets and biodiversity
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